History Of The World

Mere generation ago the world was divided by culture and by land. Each of the races lived their lives in solitude. Few bothered the others for more then trade or sport. The world was not without conflict but the few that did occur were quickly settled and with minimum conflict. It was not a perfect world but it was a peaceful one.

The Four most powerful kingdoms were The Orcs, The Elves, The Humans and the Dwarfs. The Orcs were a shaman culture building their kingdom within the Mundo mountain tops. They were the most peaceful of the races their kind and gentle demeanor contradicting their muscular and aggressive appearance. The Elves were Druidic culture who made their home on the sea shores of Domhan. While they to were a Spiritual people they were less peaceful by far the most proud of the races due to their exceptional boating skills but more so their beautiful demeanor. The Humans lived in the plains of Welt. The humans, by far the most versatile of the races had different forms of worship and different ranges of spirituality from city to city. The one things all humans had in common however is their fiery passion. The burning desire to learn and thrive live and experience. And finally The Dwarfs lived within the caverns of the mountain’s of Varlden. They found their spirituality withing their daily life. Within the caves they dug, the family’s they raised and the discoveries they unearthed. For the dwarfs were a salvaging race, a race dedicated to digging the secrets of the world both literally and metaphorically.

And so they lived. Four kingdoms united within a unspoken oath to remain divided. That is until one race decided it wanted more. The elves struck first, apparently tired of being regarded as fairy sea men the Elves decided they would force the other kingdoms to recognize them as a serious force in the world. Almost over night Elvish troops stormed the Mountain kingdom of Mundo capturing thousands of Orcs as slaves. The Orcs that escaped scattered throughout the world living as wandering tribes. The humans outraged by this unprovoked attack Waged war of the Elves to knock them into their place. When the Dwarfish king demanded that the blood shed stop so that this violence be avoided through negotiations The human king in a rage ordered a raid on one of the Dwarfish alchemy labs in search for better weapons. This act of war meant a cording the Dwarfish traditions that the Dwarf’s had to retaliate . The series of small batters quickly escalated into a fully fledged war. The Elfs seeing a opportunity began their own campaign against the Dwarfs. This of course meant that the three remaining kingdom’s were now at war with one another no one having any allies.

So it continued for five decades until groups of magic wielders from each of the ravaged kingdoms came forth. Mages, Wizards, Warlocks and more. They called themselves the council and stated that if order was not brought to the world that it would fall. They claimed that only they had the knowledge to bring the order that was needed for survival. It was the first unified call of hope that this war had seen. Soon Remnants from from the Orcs joined the order followed by troops from the other three nations working together for the first time. That was not all, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Halflings, Beasts and so many more flocked to the order. Everyone wanted to see this war over with, They got their wish. Within a year of the Council stating order was needed the war had stopped. The Council was now the only super power within the world, power which they abused. The minute they were given authority they rounded up many more of the orcs putting them into slavery help build the new empire. Some cities and smaller kingdoms were sparred allowed to run themselves so long as they paid taxes. But the cities of Domhan, Welt and Varlden were now cities of The Council with Mundo the former mountain city of the Orcs as their capital, the city where only members of the Council and their apprentices were permitted total freedom.

History Of The World

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